Gold News: Billionaire Sounds Peak Gold Alarm
Mike Hammer of The Gold Enthusiast - - Thu Jul 12, 8:56AM CDT
Gold News: Billionaire Sounds Peak Gold Alarm

By now you’re familiar with the term peak gold, we’ve talked about it before. And let you ponder whether or not we’re actually there. Today’s gold news has the founder of Franco-Nevada sounding the alarm.  

Pierre Lasonde isn’t your run-of-the-mill opinion person.  He has a long and very successful career in the gold sector. Besides founding Franco-Nevada, he’s the former head of Newmont Mining. So if he says we might be nearing trouble, it pays to listen. Lasonde points at the lack of large discoveries in the past 2 decades as a warning sign. And he’s not alone.  

Today’s featured article drops names and gives numbers to help you decide for yourself if we’re close to peak gold.  In future articles we’ll talk about what you can do about it. What do you think? Are you worried about peak gold? Let us know what your thoughts and your plans are in the comments below.

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